'Far-seeing Eye'

A new exhibition, 'Far-seeing Eye', presented by Albemarle Gallery runs from the 28th of April until the 11th of May at The Coningsby Gallery in Fitzrovia, London.

The artist develops signature themes featured last year at the Pontone Gallery show, ‘Into the Deep’. His exploration of ‘modern-day Baroque’ and the tension between observed reality and painterly abstraction continues, as he manipulates closely-observed motifs in a sea of turbulent paint.

In this series of paintings, framing devices — wreaths, garlands and variegated assemblages of classical, baroque and rococo models — lead the viewer into deep vistas of allusive paint.

The symbolic significance of the imagery is of gateways and openings. The compositions imply a threshold where the focussing power of the motif conjures the appearance of new, transmuted perspectives. There is a ‘through-the-looking-glass’ feel to this sequence of paintings, something other-worldly, that draws out various, tangential associations from science-fiction, mythology and the elemental imaginings of Turner’s ‘sublime’ landscapes.



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