I make pictures of the human figure, both male and female, in isolation and in groups.  Painted and drawn from close observation, these subjects, often models in the studio, are placed in a variety of settings and combinations in order to explore and express various themes.  I draw on a variety of source material, from art history, film and everyday life.

I work in oil paint, watercolour and drawing media. I am interested in their expressive handling properties and transformative effects.

These paintings show how people are, or how they perceive themselves to be.  I am fascinated by appearance, the clues it gives and its endless variety of psychological expression.


New Art Gallery, Walsall, Sky Arts, 'Arte' TV and 'The Swimmer'.

This autumn I have been engaged by The New Art Gallery, Walsall; as part of their exhibition 'Legacies: JMW Turner and contemporary art practice' I am running painting workshops which explore Turner's method and materials.


I have filmed a piece about Turner's work at Petworth House for the European arts channel 'Arte'. I describe his technique, relationship with the site and his patron, Lord Egremont. We also visit related sites in Brighton and Sussex. This was broadcast on June 1st.


(viewable for 1 month from 1st June)

  For the Sky-Arts documentary 'Tate Britain's Great British Walks', I discuss and demonstrate Turner's painting technique and method with Cerys Matthews and Gus Casley-Hayford. This was aired on 16th May.


 I am working on a new series of pictures featuring groups of figures, derived from my interest in the 1968 film 'The Swimmer'. These can now be seen in 'Work'. 


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