A selection of these works were shown September - October 2015 in ‘British and Italian Painting’ at:

Shine Artists
49 Albemarle Street


These are images of detachment, absorption and pre-occupation.

My attention was caught by the seventeenth century artist Abraham Bosse's 'Les Perspecteurs', which shows figures engaged in perspective experiments, paying no heed to their wider surroundings, or others.

I thought I would make some work similarly describing figures intent on a internal process, investigating or thinking about their unique view of the world.

The subjects, for the most part, gaze off into the middle distance, pensive and uninterested in their surroundings, or they closely consider an object within their immediate orbit.

In some cases they are accompanied by others, or by different versions of themselves, who are equally self absorbed.

The work on paper, 'HS', was a prizewinning exhibit in the Derwent Art Prize in September 2016 at The Mall Galleries, London.

The painting 'Horizon' was exhibited in The National Open Art Competition in October 2016 at The Mercers Hall, London.


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