The Pontone Gallery 22nd June - 22nd July 2018

'The exhibition presents a journey through the imagined worlds of three British artists. Tim Wright’s portals and openings lead to Kate Tedman’s musings on sign and symbol and then plunge into the fantastic tales of Dolly Thompsett.

Each explores ideas of painting as an opportunity to modify perception and to evoke the experience of being transported to other realms of place and consciousness. These artists enquire into the undiscovered and the hidden. Inciting the viewer’s curiosity, they frame the question: “What on earth do we find here?”

Tim Wright’s fluently seductive paintings deploy a recurring motif — that of an elaborately carved Rococo frame. Together with what is contained, the frame variously suggests an aperture, an eye, a lens or a mirror. It is also a gateway through which information is transmitted and transformed.

The device draws and focusses attention to an inchoate vortex of paint onto which viewers can project their own imaginings. The foliated ellipse sits in a sea of turbulent and expressively-handled paint, whose films, skins and veils articulate the mist, spray and vapour of an elemental and unknown landscape.

The paintings make oblique reference to the disturbing worlds of Carroll’s “Through the Looking-Glass”, Tarkovsky’s “Solaris” and Turner’s late-period sea-pieces.'


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